Solon Handmade - Luksustasker og tilbehør i kernelæder

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Nedergade 26, st th , Odense, Denmark 5000
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At Solon Handmade you will find delicious handmade products in the highest quality grain leather. The company’s mission is to create durable bags and accessories in a beautiful and stylish design, which means that the products are not replaced, but instead used for many years. In this way, Solon Handmade tries to be a counterpart to the usual “use and throw away” culture. All our products have a stylish and timeless design, and the strong core leather only gets more beautiful with the patina of the years. In this way, all our products are lifelong friendships that can accompany you over the years. See our large selection on our webshop.

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$25.00 to $100.00
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